My name is Sigita and I'm a doll maker behind Sybil's tales. My passion for doll making started really long time ago - I remember myself as a child glueing fabric together to make a doll as I couldn’t saw at that time. Later, I’ve got a background in arts and clothes design. I worked as a designer shortly before my kids were born. I came back to doll making when my kids were small back in 90's - the dolls were pretty simplistic at that point but really evolved over time. I furthered away from doll making since then, but was always practising sewing - I would sew for myself and my daughter. Now, my granddaughter Sibile inspired me to come back to this doll making craft once more -  it is truly my happy place where I can embrace creativity, nurture craftsmanship and share happiness once more.


Juste is my daughter - she is not involved in creative process, but helps a lot with social media, copywriting and customer support. 


Sibile is the tiniest but most important part of our team :) She inspired me to start this doll's journey and I cannot wait till she gets old enough to play with my dolls. You can sometimes see her in our photoshoots.