Ursula, naughty and mischievous child

In all honesty, when I started making Ursula I wasn't too satisfied with my work. I looked at her little cute face and wondered if I did something wrong. Little voice inside told me to continue and finish her face before deciding and I am so glad I did! When she looked at me with her bright eyes and curious smile I understood - nothing wrong, she is just different from my other dolls. She is mischievous and naughty - not a gentle soul like my other doll children. 

Ursula is a real tomboy. She loves reading the most fascinating stories and learning about all the interesting places in the world. Her favourite book author is Astrid Lindgren - she loves reading about Madicken. Ursula and Madicken are a little alike - they never mean for anything to go wrong, but they are so naughty that somehow it goes that way.

While making her clothes I was thinking about Madicken and all her little pranks. I especially remember one when she created a classmate Ricardo, who did all the bad things - ate her shoe, broke her writing board. When her mom met her teacher she learnt that there is no Ricardo in her class. 

I created a unique shoes for Ursula. It took quite some time and effort but I really adore them. These lace boots are made from real leather and perfect for jumping in the puddles. 


Her plaid dress was a joy to make. I love little details and the style. When I imagined Ursula I knew she would be an old town soul rather than a nature spirit. She adored all the red brick buildings and red roofs. 


Ursulais completely handcrafted using all natural high quality materials. She is one of the kind creation. Her head, torso and legs are needle felted and sculpted so it is very firm but soft. The outer fabric is high quality jersey from Netherlands. Her face is sculpted (needle felted) as well. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton floss. Lips and cheeks are blushed with beeswax. Her arms are freely hanging. Ursula has joint skeleton so her neck torso and legs can be moved and bend. There is no metal or sharp details used. Dolls hair is made of goat’s fibres. It needs to be handled gently. The doll is free standing. She is collectible.

You can adopt Ursula HERE.

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