The Autumn of Abigail and Rupert

The summer I had this year was amazing -  full of travels, interesting experiences, smells and flavours. No wonder I am so excited the autumn has come as my summer holiday was fulfilled to the max. The city I live has very defined seasons, which are really contrasting. As evenings are getting longer and darker, my work studio is so inviting to come in and immerse into my creative endeavours. As weather is getting colder, it is nice to sit down and go through my stockpile of warm and cosy fabrics and begin drawing outfits in my mind. Outfits that will surround my dolls with warmth very soon.

The first thing that came to my mind when making this one, was her name - yes, she is going to be little Abigail. I was absolutely mesmerised by her attentive look and her cute puffy childish cheeks. Being 5-6 years old is an amazing time, when one doesn’t have to carry all the burden and chores on your shoulders, but all kinds of interesting and funny thoughts start to appear in the head already. Playing with her beloved and loyal toys is probably the most important thing to care about every day and believe me -  that is not easy! Toys are essential in our childhood, it is also best if we keep some of this childhood in ourselves for the rest of our lives!

You can read story books to  your toys, have Saturday tea with them or take them for a bike ride! Abigail also has her favourite toy - a little teddy bear Rupert. I made it from deep green plush fabric, it is so fluffy and soft, so Abigail thinks her friend is very “huggable”.People who follow my work from the very beginning know just how much I enjoy creating outfit combinations for my little souls. As soon as a new one is born and our eyes meet for the first time, I start picturing her in all kinds of colours and fabrics.

Abigail received a cute checkered dress with a flawless snow white collar which I decorated with cotton lace. Then I felt that this particular dress was asking for miniature gold buttons and a little decorative rocking horse in gold. A pair of long blue socks and sturdy dirt proof boots will keep her little feet dry and warm  after jumping into every puddle her way! Lets not forget a striped woollen cardigan and a striking red scarf before going outside! 

Her bright hair resemble rays of the sun in a moody sky of the fall. They are quite long, so I had to bring my hair braiding skills back from the times I used to do that to my daughters hair. I recreated the same style here and I must say -  really happy with the result.  She is around 45 cm (17,7''). Abigail is a free standing doll, proportions resembles a child of 6 years old. Her head, torso, legs and even arms are needle felted, with armature, so it can bend. Her fingers can hold little precious things. Her outfit and Teddy Bear Rubert is made by me and included.

If you are seriously interested in adopting her and covering her adoption fee please fill in this FORM (more information and adoption fee there). The winner will be drawn on 16th of October, Monday. I'll contact this person by email. I hope Abigail and Rupert will be able to find a loving home. Thank you everyone for supporting my work.

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