Olivia - strong willed techie

Olivia was very strong willed from the beginning. As soon as she opened her beautiful dark blue eyes and got very soft brown hair she started to express her opinion. She told me very clearly how she wants to dress and what accessories she needs.


Olivia wanted to be very comfortable but stylish at the same time. No, dresses are not for me she complained. Jeans it is then, my sweet child. I made her beautiful dotted pants with leather details and wooden buttons. She has very nice beige turtleneck which works perfectly with her panties. Olivia needed durable shoes so she's got a pair of red real leather lace shoes with striped socks. To keep her hair out of the face I added a cute headband. 


Olivia is a little bit of techie. She likes to take things apart - she already played with this wooden car and a camera. I feel she is almost better than me at taking photos. I always feel sorry that my photography skills are pretty lousy - I use phone for now and don't do any tricks with soft or filters. I feel sorry that my photography skills doesn't show the beauty of these dolls. 



Olivia has very lively personality so I'm happy she can move freely - Olivia is able to move her legs, torso and neck. She took a little walk with me in lovely Klaipėda's old town. She loved it as much as I do! She looked amazing near red brick buildings and German architecture which Klaipeda still has. 


Olivia is completely handcrafted using all natural high quality materials. She is one of the kind creation. Her head, torso and legs are needle felted and sculpted so it is very firm but soft. The outer fabric is high quality jersey from Netherlands. Her face is sculpted (needle felted) as well. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton floss. Lips and cheeks are blushed with beeswax. Her arms are freely hanging. Olivia has joint skeleton so her neck torso and legs can be moved and bend. There is no metal or sharp details used so it is safe for children. Dolls hair is made of goat’s fibres. It needs to be handled gently. The doll is free standing. She is collectible.

You can adopt Olivia HERE.

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