Nora and Bertie - best friends for life

Once upon a time the cutest little girl was born. She was made out of wooly clouds, softest fabrics and lots and lots of joy. I was making her while the rain and snow was dripping on the other side of the window. I would feel so cozy in my warm studio, that my mind would naturally start to wonder about upcoming Holiday season and meeting my family all in one place - what a warm and heart filling thoughts. 

I can feel that warmth and calm feeling while looking at Nora's face too, don't you agree? 

Her expression is slightly smiley and definitely dreamy - like someone who has a lot of meaningful things to think about. As soon as Nora opened her eyes, she would already start asking about important things to her. I could understand quickly that she will need a friend to share all her joys and sorrows, discuss all the deep thoughts and share the warmth she brings. 

The thing is, that I am not too good at making little "doll friends". With Christmas coming I had Bertie in my mind for the longest time- little bear, who would move arms and legs and remind me of the ones I used to gift my children when they were small. It took me literally weeks to create him - he was really stubborn and I had to carry the idea of him for the longest time to finally be able to bring him to life. Bertie is the wise bear - the one that can always answer Nora's questions with another question. 

Of course, my creation just had to have the cutest little clothes and details - his stylish plaid trousers and warm sweater looks just exquisite. 

I introduced Nora to Bertie and she was really happy to have a companion. "Is he my best friend" she asked. I had to explain her all about the friendships - that she will need to create one herself by investing time, effort and kindness. Good thing is that these things come naturally to Nora, so Bertie was clinging to her side in no time while I giggled listening to their conversations. 


You might already know how passionate I'm about my doll's outfits - Nora needed to have a perfect autumn/winter dress - warm, cozy, but still beautiful. I love how this burgundy colour looks on her. Her dress is made out of the softest corduroy fabric with little, very important details of course - ribbons, lace, flower details. 

Those living up North knows how it is to have all 4 seasons to its fullness - I'm pretty sure we'll get snow soon. I might have seen just a few snowflakes already. That's why Nora needed a sweater with the cozziest pattern- I just love patterns like this! 



Nora has blonde natural mohair hair and little fringe which I cut myself.  Dolls hair is made of mohair. It needs to be handled gently. She is a free standing doll. She is 44 cm (17,3'') tall, can tilt her head up and down, also move it to the sides. Her proportions resembles a child of 5 year old. Her legs can bend on the knees, she can sit nicely. Nora's head, torso and legs are needle felted, only her arms are free hanging and stuffed. Bertie is handcrafted toy, I made him of wool and cotton.

Nora and Bertie are looking for home. They come in with clothes in pictures. They are available for adoption in lottery style which means that I'll randomly pick the winner who will be able to buy them.

If you are interested in adopting them please follow this link  and fill the form (more information there). The winner will be drawn on Friday, 3rd of December, 11am EST time. I'll contact this person by email. 

I hope Nora and Bertie will be able to find a loving home❤️ Thank you everyone for supporting my work.


  • I love your dolls and the clothing you make. It seems your talent knows no bounds, because your stories are every bit as beautiful as your little people. Thank you for sharing them with us. Please let me know if there is a way to bring one of those beauties to live with us.

    Diane Korp
  • She is too cute to pass her by but would like another outfit. Thanks, Sybil.

    Judy Bantz
  • Nora and Bertie are too beautiful, I love it. This artist is fabulous

    Karine Cholet

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