Marigold from Straw Hats gang

Marigold and her sisters lived in a red big house down by the river which played a very important role in their lives. In winter, when the river froze, they would use it for a road with horses pulling sleighs. Marigold also loved to skate there - she would skate down the river, reach the town in the valley and bring fresh bread from the bakery. In warmer seasons Marigold and her sisters would play in the river, learn to swim and watch the fish. These lucky girls grew up surrounded by nature and forests, they would often play hide and seek between old beautiful trees and blossoming meadows.

Marigold is very curious girl - she has this collector trait and collects everything she finds in the forest - acorns, pine cons, flowers and plants. 

I always consult my dolls about their outfits - Marigold was very particular about that. She needed a hat so that she could spend plenty of time by the river without sun burns. She loves sitting on a small wooden bridge, barefoot, wiggling and splashing the water. 

Marigold loves climbing trees and playing in the forest which doesn't come without tears and stains, so I made her a cute real silk apron with little flowers. Her dress is with small buttons, made from cotton fabric. 

Marigold looked through her outfit with troubled look on her face. Where should I put all of my gathered amber pieces, acorns and other precious little things? You are absolutely right my dear. I was hesitant between big pockets and something new. I decided to be very practical- you see, Marigold is supposed to start school in autumn, so I decided to start preparing now - I worked on something I never attempted to make - real leather satchel. It definitely took me some time to perfect it, but I'm so happy with the result. I asked Marigold opinion - she thinks she might need a bigger one in the future as her precious little things collections are growing so fast, but it will do for the start. 

Her shoes are made of blue velvet and real leather. I made this new shoe pattern, as it matches perfectly with the cottage core style outfit she has. 

Marigold's name is inspired by the beautiful orange flower which reminded me so much of her hair colour. 

Marigold has ginger colour, natural mohair hair and little fringe which I cut myself.  It needs to be handled gently. She is a free standing doll. She is 46 cm (18'') tall (with shoes), can tilt her head up and down, also move it to the sides. She is a little more petite than most of my previous dolls. Her legs can bend on the knees, she can sit nicely. Marigold's head, torso and legs are needle felted, only her arms are free hanging and stuffed. 

Marigold is available for adoption in lottery style which means that I'll randomly pick the winner who will be able to buy her.

If you are interested in adopting her please follow this link  and fill the form (more information there). The winner will be drawn on Sunday, 16th of May, 11am EST time. I'll contact this person by email. 

I hope Marigold will be able to find a loving home❤️ Thank you everyone for supporting my work.

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