Kaya and Magnus - the story of best friends


Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to dream and had the best imagination. At times she would feel a little lonely and would imagine what it would feel like to have the best friend who would always listen to her and laugh together. Little Kaya would wonder alone around the streets in a small old town curiously watching the people, kids, gathering little stones which would remind her of animal shapes. She would try to befriend stray cats but they were never amused enough to chat with her. 

One day Kaya was sitting on the bench in a cute little town square. She was reading a fairytale about princesses and dwarfs while eating a really delicious sandwich with cheese. She was really into her book as the story was reaching the culmination and she was about to find our what happened to the evil witch. Kaya reached for her sandwich and suddenly couldn't find it - she stared surprised for a second. Kaya looked around and was frowning already when she noticed that someone is looking at her from behind the bench. 

"Hello, who is there?" she said. Noone answered her but she could hear the sound of nibbling. At first Kaya got scared a little but she decided not to give up without a fight. 

"Who are you and why have you stolen my sandwich?" asked in angry voice.

She saw the cutest little brown nose and round ears. It was a mouse with the softest shiniest grey fur. 

"Didn't anyone teach you about sharing? " asked the mouse while still nibbling her cheese on the sandwich. "Don't you think it's selfish to eat such a big sandwich all by yourself? I guess noone taught you a good manners" Kaya really felt almost embarrassed. The confusion was so evident in her face that little clever mouse continued.

"Of course, I might forgive you if you allow me to sit on your laps and would scratch my back and ears while I eat the sandwich". Kaya didn't even notice when the mouse climbed the bench and was already on her laps. She touched him and his fur was so soft she couldn't resist stroking it. 

"I'm Magnus" introduced himself the mouse. "I'm the wisest mouse in the world" Magnus obviously wasn't suffering from lack of self confident. 

Once Kaya came back home and thought about Magnus she got a little annoyed about his behaviour. At the same time she wanted to come back and meet this proud mouse again. 

Kaya met Magnus again and again - she would bring him some cheese and would make his favourite sandwich. She learnt that Magnus was wise indeed - he would teach her about all the tales of this small old town. He would show her where to hide when the rain starts and where you can watch the most beautiful sunset. Months passed and Kaya was still wondering around little streets, but not alone. Magnus taught her how to ride the bike and make the most delicious sandwiches with triple amount of cheese. One really early morning she realised - she actually found her best friend. 



Kaya has red natural mohair hair and little fringe which I cut myself. Dolls hair is made of mohair. It needs to be handled gently. She is a free standing doll. She is 44 cm (17,3'') tall, can tilt her head up and down, also move it to the sides. Her proportions resembles a child of 5 year old. Her legs can bend on the knees, she can sit nicely. Kaya's head, torso and legs are needle felted, only her arms are free hanging and stuffed. Magnus is handcrafted toy, I made him of wool and cotton. He has a little pyjamas with little blue buttons.

Kaya and Magnus is looking for home. They come in with clothes in pictures (without pram or bicycle). She is available for adoption in lottery style which means that I'll randomly pick the winner who will be able to buy her.

If you are interested in adopting her please follow this link  and fill the form (more information there). The winner will be drawn on Sunday, 22nd of August, 11am EST time. I'll contact this person by email. 

I hope Kaya and Magnus will be able to find a loving home❤️ Thank you everyone for supporting my work.

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