Johanne - red haired winter loving doll

I've been dreaming to create a red hair doll for a while now. I find something magical about them. Red hair somehow associates to me with courageous, bright and lively personality. Johanne is exactly that. Her red natural mohair hair shines like the ray of sun and her eyes are the colour of cornflower. Johanne's hair is the softest and sleekest thing I touched. I sewed them firmly to them wig, so you can definitely brush them and do hairstyles - I love braiding my doll's hair! Johanne smells like vanilla and apples and has the cutest little face.

Johanne has bright and innocent expression - a little bit serious I've heard. She is around 50 cm tall and have needle felted head, torso and legs. Not a lot of doll makers felt the whole body - it is lengthy and complicated process. I feel that it is one of the things that make my dolls unique - they can stand without support (you have to help them to find the balance, but it is easy). Also my dolls can bend their neck, torso and legs. They can move around freely which brings them even more personality. Johanne's cheeks and nose are blushed with beeswax and reminds me of bullfinches.


My lively and charming Johanne deserved a special outfit too. I was determined to make an outfit that really compliments her hair and personality. Her outfit is truly one of my favourites. She has a cotton dress with double skirt and big pockets for all the seeds and nuts she took to the forest for animals. Her dress is made from 3 different textures of fabric. Her hat and long socks are 100% wool. I also knitted wool scarf that is exactly her eyes colour. Johanne has a mustard top with striped sleeves. Her boots are in a lovely cherry chocolate colour, made from real suede leather. The outfit was quite complicated to make and very time consuming. Making doll clothes is my guilty pleasure.

When I work on my dolls I usually do a few bodies at once to save time on that tedious and hard work. The time when I then create doll's personality, hair, face and clothes is the most amazing to me. I just love doing that so usually I take my time and enjoy. 

Johanne was born in very magical beautiful time - winter. I just had to take her to the forest to see how fluffy the snow is. 

Watching Johanne looking so colourful in the snow awakened my inner child. We've spent an amazing day making a snow castle and playing a snow fight. I had to stop Johanne so that she wouldn't completely freeze. I'm glad I made her a hat and a scarf!

Johanne has the body proportions of a 5 year old. Making Johanne took more time than usual to me as I wanted to really work on those details. These dolls definitely teach me so much patience! 

Johanne is available for adoption. She will be listed on my shop, but message me if she already stole your heart❤️ I hope Johanne will find the best family where she is loved and cared for. 


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  • She is gorgeous! Love everything about her


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