Grace, a blossoming flower

Grace's imagine in my head and heart was created day by day, imagining how this little girl should look like. I wanted to create this younger girl for a while, but as always, I had to create her in my head to the smallest details before I started working on her. When I look at her I immediately think of cherry blossoms and velvet weather in the evening of the spring, when temperature is just warm enough, but still a bit chilly and fresh at the same time. 


Grace's hair was cut by me - I just love making hair styles for my dolls! I remember how scary it was when i chopped doll's hair for the first time. Now, I really enjoy it - the hair style was perfect for Grace - she looks even younger with those light bangs and flower clip.

It rarely happens to me, but this time the doll was inspired by another doll made by me exactly a year ago. Agneta has probably been the most adored of my girls and most asked about - I keep telling everyone there is only one Agneta. Grace could be her younger sister though - they do look a little alike indeed. 


Little Grace is 6 years old and asks "why" hundred times a day. She cannot help it and I adore her curiosity. She loves spending time outside and every day I have hard time luring her inside. Fresh ginger tea and cinnamon cookies helped for now :D 

Grace dreams to learn playing an instrument one day. She is thinking an ukulele would be perfect to start with. For now she is developing her artsy skills by drawing in the sand with a small branch of the tree and accessorising her drawings with flowers and little stones. The creativity of 6 years old is just breathtaking compared to us, adults!

Grace loves to sleep - she is the happiest when there is nowhere to rush and she can sleep till whenever. White sheets, soft pillow and this girl imagines she is sleeping on a cloud. Once she finally wakes up she spends hours telling me about her dreams - they are amazingly creative as well.

Lately I have been loving to sew using washed linen. It's a nice natural material that is just the best quality. It has this nice texture and beautiful colours. A pleated dress was a challenge to make, but suits her so well. Her very short jacket with a dress - the silhouette is almost my signature look by now. I think it works so well for dolls, same as for small children.

Natural fiber art doll

Grace - art doll

Grace has light blonde natural mohair hair and little fringe - the hairstyle I cut myself. It needs to be handled gently. She is collectible. She is a free standing doll. She is 44 cm (17,3'') tall, can tilt her head up and down, also move it to the sides. Her proportions resembles a child of 6 year old. Her legs can bend on the knees, she can sit nicely. Grace's head, torso and legs are needle felted, only her arms are free hanging and stuffed. 

Grace is looking for home. She comes in with clothes in pictures. They are available for adoption in lottery style which means that I'll randomly pick the winner who will be able to buy them.

If you are interested in adopting them please follow this link  and fill the form (more information there). The winner will be drawn on Thursday, 5th of May, 9am EST time. I'll contact this person by email. 

I hope Grace will be able to find a loving home❤️ Thank you everyone for supporting my work.




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