Clementine, Little Sailor

Warm sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the feeling of white fine sand under my feet. That sounds like a perfect spring day for me. I love long slow walks on the beach all year long, but it is even more beautiful in spring. Sea and beach has very special place at my heart - I was born, raised and lived almost all my life here in Klaipeda near Baltic sea. 

This Little Sailors collection was inspired by the sea and these calm long walks on the beach. I was thinking about marine style during interwar period. White and blue stripes, crispy light sailor collars, pleated skirts and a scent of history and retro. I was always very inspired by the history of clothing and did a lot of research while creating this collection. 

Clementine is my first little soul in this collection. Her cute face is so determined and strong willed. Her red hair is really soft and sleek, such a beautiful rich colour. Clementine's eyes are water colour - blueish with a hint of green. She has the cutest little freckles on her nose and cheeks. Clementine's cheeks blushed from fresh spring wind.


Clementines has the cutest white linen under garments. The panties has little elastic at the bottom so that it would stay in place while she is running around on the beach. Her little shirt is trimmed with lace and bow. Clementine is looking adorable - she loves sipping tea dressed in only her linen under garments these early spring mornings. I am constantly trying to talk her into sleeping in a little bit later, but she keeps waking me at 6 am, telling me how the dresses of her Little Sailor friends should look like. Bossy little missy. And poor me - I'm often so into creating my dolls that I cannot really sleep a lot till the collection is done.



Clementine's outfit is of course sea inspired. She's got a really cute sailor dress made from finest blue linen and striped cotton fabric. Her jacket is sewn very neatly and lined with different striped fabric. Sailor collar ties this whole outfit together. I love how nicely all these different striped textures come together. 

Clementine's shoes are worth the whole another chapter. They are made of real leather and cotton - takes forever to make, but is so worth it. Those polka dots are my new love - they look so lovely and is a real statement of the outfit. I'll tell you a secret - all my Little Sailors will have patterned shoes. 

Before I even started working on this Little Sailors Collections, I already imagined the photoshoot. It was spring on the beach in my head. My little girls would run around and enjoy warm spring sun. Of course, that plan didn't go so smoothly. I had to make a few attempts to do it. Clementine didn't complain - she visited the beach with me twice. The first time it was so windy and still cold that I just couldn't take enough time to take nice enough photos - I was afraid Clementine will freeze and get cold. Even though she didn't complain and was taken away by the beauty of the beach, I couldn't risk it. My second beach walk was a little more successful. While the weather was still chilly here at least the wind didn't blow her hair so much. Even though the photoshoots got a little bumpy I did enjoy spending more time with little Clementine and getting excuse to take longer walks at the beach.

Clementine is a free standing doll. She is 50 cm (19,7'') tall, can tilt her head up and down, also move it to the sides. Her legs can bend on the knees, she can sit nicely. Clementine's head, torso and legs are needle felted, only her arms are free hanging and stuffed.  Dolls hair is made of mohair. It needs to be handled gently. The doll is free standing. She is collectible.

Lately I've been blessed with a lot of interest in my dolls, which I really appreciate. Therefore, I'm testing new methods of adoption for my dolls. Clementine will be available for adoption in lottery style.

If you are interested in adopting her please follow this link  and fill the form (more information there). The winner will be drawn on Sunday, 14th of March, 11am EST time. I'll contact this person by email. 

I hope Clementine will be able to find a loving home❤️ Thank you everyone for supporting my work.





  • Hi, your dolly is simply stunning. The sweetest face and adorable clothes.

  • Beautiful work, children with distinction!


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