Amelia - autumn child

Amelia is a real autumn child - one of her favourite things to do is drinking tea, looking at falling leaves and listening to the gentle rain sound on the window. This autumn is perfect for that - rather cold, very gloomy and there are plenty of rainy days. Our little girl found herself a friend for these long and dark evenings - she and Mr. Mouse spend cozy evenings telling stories and fairytales to each other. 

While making Amelia I was already thinking about her outfit in my head - our home was filled with the smell of cinnamon and autumn apples from baking buns and drinking red tea. It got me inspired to sew her cinnamon dress with polka dots and knit a greyish blue cardigan, just like the sky these days. Her little boots are real leather, cinnamon colour too, of course.

Amelia loves long and slow walks in the forest, especially now, when leaves are falling slowly. She is super curious - keeps asking me about plant’s that we find in the forest - boy, I try googling real fast, as sometimes I have no idea.


We are really lucky to be living in such a beautiful place with plenty of forests and nature - I took Amelia to plenty of walks in nature and discovered some really nice meadows. We were so lucky to catch a sunny - I think it was the only one in weeks.


Amelia is completely handcrafted using all natural high quality materials. She is one of the kind creation. Her head, torso and legs are needle felted and sculpted so it is very firm but soft. The outer fabric is high quality jersey from Netherlands. Her face is sculpted (needle felted) as well. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton floss. Lips and cheeks are blushed with beeswax. Her arms are freely hanging. Amelia has joint skeleton so her neck torso and legs can be moved and bend. There is no metal or sharp details used so it is safe for children.  Dolls hair is made of goat’s fibres. It needs to be handled gently. The doll is free standing. She is collectible.
You can adopt Amelia HERE.

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